Name: Ioata
Word of the Day: iota
Environment: A specific valley
Organization: A large tribe that travels in various sized groups, but is always grouped
Attacks: Overwhelming opponents with numbers
Defenses: Each ioata is born with a unique genetic defect, which it can sympathetically link to enemies to inhibit them.  Since each defect is unique, ioata always travel in groups so that they can inflict various status effects on their enemies, instead of just one.
Weaknesses: The easiest way to handle ioata is either to make sure that you travel in groups and don’t get singled out, or to abuse the fact that they’re grouped and use area of effect assaults, especially fire.

Background: Ioata live in a beautiful secluded glen, and have for as long as time can remember.  Ages ago, ioata were in their prime, as illustrated by the first ioata shown above, and spent their days meditating under their great tree of life.  One day a terrible rot infected their tree, causing all life in the glen to rapidly decay.  In an act of desperation, the ioata sympathized with the tree and absorbed the rot into themselves to save it, but at a terrible price.  Today, no ioata is perfect, as each is born with a unique defect ranging from rotted limbs to blindness to decaying mind.  Still, as the ioata continue to care for their home, it is said you can tell how happy one is despite its illness by how many leaves sprout from the sapling on top of its head.

Tactics: An ioata will only initiate an attack if their home is under attack, defending every living plant in the glen.  If attacked directly, ioata will usually run away, as they acknowledge their weaknesses and avoid combat.  If a group of ioata are forced into a fight, they aren’t afraid to single out a target and bully them as much as possible.  Each ioata has a unique genetic illness that it can sympathetically link to its enemy, and if a whole group of ioata gang up on an enemy that enemy may find themselves blind, poisoned, crippled, and silenced while the group of ioata pummel them down.

The easiest way to deal with ioata is to avoid them by respecting the flora in their glen, but if you must fight them you have to start by harming the flora around you, because engaging them otherwise will likely just result in a retreat.  Once locked in combat, make sure to protect whichever friend of yours is the focus of their attacks, and try to pick them off quickly using large area of effect abilities, especially fire which hits extra hard.


4 thoughts on “Ioata

  1. Nifty! There are definitely not enough status effect monsters in most video games, and the fact that these ones are basically optional to fight (unless they attack you for harvesting materials from the plants in their glen, which they probably do) they should make for fun encounters, as anyone foolhardy enough to go swinging randomly at plants will probably die. With a tiny bit of preparation however, you could probably defeat them without too much hassle.

    Also, did you put that tiny adorable smiley face at the bottom of the page?

    • If you liked the ioata, you’ll love one of the upcoming updates! I’d say more but you’ll see soon enough.

      I wish I could take credit for the tiny adorable smiley face at the bottom of the page but I don’t even see it! I’ll keep an eye out for it though.

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