Name: Ubstruad
Word of the Day: substrate
Environment: Ancient temples, or the residences of wizards and the wealthy
Organization: Solitary
Attacks: Pushes enemies away with its single strong arm
Defenses: Ubstruad rely on their rocky hide to absorb hits while they try and keep their distance from enemies.  As a last resort, some self-destruct.
Weaknesses: Inhibiting an ubstruad’s mobility is a great way to pin them in place, attacking the vines on their backside to break them open.  Pinpointing its gem eye can be equally effective against some ubstruad, but will force it to explode.

Background: Ubstruad are ancient protectors that were created to guard ancient relics, but in more recent times are utilized by wizards and the wealthy to protect priceless heirlooms, guard sensitive information, or occasionally to save their own lives.  Since powerful magic gems are rare and expensive, to cut costs most contemporary ubstruad have significantly less expensive fake gem eyes, which both restricts their strength and causes their death to be met with a wild explosion.

Tactics: Normally dormant, an ubstruad activates when its chambers are disturbed or when it senses that the object it is meant to protect is in danger.  With surprisingly agility, the ubstruad will place the object in the indent in its back, closing its vines around it and protecting it.  The ubstruad first attempts to attack the intruders with its single powerful arm, either forcing them back or knocking them down.  If the enemies put up too much resistance, the ubstruad will wait for an opening and then make a break for it, running quickly to whatever destination it believes to be safe.  While contemporary ubstruad are often given a single safe location to commit to memory, some ancient ubstruad will know various places to hide, giving them potentially dozens of options to protect their object.

Since the only real strength of the ubstruad is raw power, being able to take a hit or being able to stay on your feet helps.  If your intentions are to obtain whatever object it protects, your best bet is to find a way to hold it in place while you hack away at the vines on its back, tearing open its safety compartment, since its stony hide greatly reduces incoming damage.  Unless the ubstruad has been given the command to self-destruct when in danger, this will allow you to secure the item before the ubstruad self-destructs, rather than after.  If you want to destroy whatever the object is and you’re fighting a contemporary ubstruad, focus on breaking its gem eye, which will cause it to explode – The gem eye of the ancient ubstruad is virtually unbreakable and far too valuable for most adventurer’s to destroy.


2 thoughts on “Ubstruad

  1. i like this twist on the golem guardian type creature a lot! Most times the big lugs just fight to their deaths, the fact that these guys run away and protect the object directly is just awesome.

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