Name: Darkrone
Word of the Day: darkle
Environment: Wanders, encountered in dark places or outdoors during night
Organization: Ranges from solitary to small groups
Attacks: Hood of darkness, a crippling disable that deals damage over time
Defenses: While darkrone themselves have little to no survivability, they utilize deception and short periods of invisibility to keep from getting hit.
Weaknesses: Darkrone are really weak, but very tricky.  Good teamwork and communication are the best ways to deal with them without getting too beaten up in the exchange.

Background: As the story goes, a long time ago there was a particularly obnoxious wizard who sought out a way to blend into the shadows, in hopes of discovering a magic that might prove useful for mischievousness and deception.  After mastering a few basic, temporary invisibility spells, the wizard discovered a spell that made him nearly featureless and blend into the night.  Unfortunately for him, the wizard community is a fickle lot, and rather than praise him for his discovery, they ridiculed him for being such a boring looking shadowy blob.  Whether or not the darkrone are part of some curse associated with the wizard’s discovery, or are evil abominations created to inflict misery on those who mocked him, darkrone became obnoxious mischievous beings that enjoy causing chaos amongst lively groups who brave the darkness.

Tactics: The easiest way to deal with a darkrone is to travel during the day, and if that’s not possible, traveling alone will keep you safe from them – though traveling alone is rarely a good idea.  Darkrone move faster than the eye and are incredibly sneaky, catching groups off guard and turning themselves invisible long enough to place a hood of darkness over each group member’s head.  Though the hoods slowly choke the group to death, they also restrict vision, making it impossible to identify their surroundings other than as a bunch of straw hoods bobbing around in the darkness.

Once the hoods are in place, the darkrone imitates the actions of other group members while they struggle to figure out who among them is the darkrone.  For this reason, darkrone tend to wander alone or in very small groups in order to ensure that the confusion is one-sided.  The darkrone enjoy using their incredible speed to swap places with various members of the group regularly, disorienting them long enough to keep the guessing game going. Darkrone also go invisible for short periods of time, or turn an ally invisible, furthering the suspense of the game.  Whether the group slowly runs out of air or bludgeons each other to death, the darkrone gets a sick sense of satisfaction out of the whole ordeal.

Dealing with a darkrone is far from ideal, but there are a couple of tactics you can employ to even the odds.  If you and your group communicate loudly and clearly, you’ll have a better shot at figuring out which is the darkrone, though the darkrone will do its best to imitate your speech, so having a way to communicate that it can’t easily mimic definitely helps.  Though seemingly counter-intuitive, when you’re confident enough that you’re attacking the darkrone, hit it as hard as you can, since after you hurt it, it’ll go invisible and scramble everyone’s position.  Thankfully, darkrone are very committed, and in hopes of winning their little game, they won’t ever run or hide.  Once successfully defeated, the hoods of darkness vanish along with the darkrone, freeing the group from the choking darkness.


One thought on “Darkrone

  1. A monster that preys on groups and forces it’s own twisted mind games? Nice.
    Sounds like a very interesting encounter if nothing else.

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