Name: Skurf
Word of the Day: skurf
Environment: Wetlands; specifically muddy areas
Organization: Solitary
Attacks: Decaying mud-skin
Defenses: While in direct contact with mud, skurf rapidly regenerate. Their shedding skin also constantly removes negative effects from them, and they are resistant to most incoming damage.
Weaknesses: Cutting off a skurf from mud or cutting its regeneration are both great ways to make short work of a skurf.

Background: Skurf are miserable creatures that live in the foulest, muddiest environments.  Their skin is made up of a mixture of living mud and swamp muck, but their lives are so unstable that their skin is constantly dying and dripping off of them.  It is hard to say whether or not skurf need murky areas to survive, or if the first skurf’s decay created the muddy wetlands that they now inhabit, but if you’re in a muddy area, don’t be surprised if some skurf spring to life!

Tactics: Skurf are miserable and constantly suffer, and they feel that other living things should have to share the pain, making them incredibly aggressive.  The decay of their skin inflicts a noxious rot on both themselves and anything directly touched by it, making their primary offense simply rushing at enemies and keeping them nearby.  It is nearly impossible to keep any negative effects on a skurf, as they constantly fall off with the decaying of its skin, and the skin also gives them resistances to a variety of attacks.  Since the mud moves away from them as it rots off, it also impedes the movement of other living things caught in it: Coupled with their incredible maneuverability over muddy terrain, it’s nearly impossible to get away from a skurf.

In order to live, skurf have to constantly soak up nearby mud or muck to regenerate their skin and prevent them from dying from the damage of their own decay, making avoiding them as simple as keeping to dry land.  If for whatever reason you force a skurf off of muddy terrain, it immediately stops anything its doing and slinks back towards the nearest muddy terrain to ease the pain.  Keeping one permanently land locked, or cutting off its regeneration, are both good ways to dry one up.


One thought on “Skurf

  1. Damn these guys seems like a real bitch to fight if you’re forced to go through muddy terrain. Seems like you definitely need a solid gameplan if you know you’re going to deal with these.

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