Name: Nebuline
Word of the Day: nebulize
Environment: Places affected by strong magic or other spacial, temporal or astral disturbances
Organization: Ranges from solitary to medium sized groups
Attacks: Paws of displacement
Defenses: While nebuline don’t appear to defend themselves, their constantly twisting shape makes them surprisingly hard to hit, and sometimes makes them get hit in weird ways you wouldn’t have expected.  Their constantly changing form makes status effects also a gamble.
Weaknesses: Since nebuline interact with reality so haphazardly, the best approach is to fight them in some way that is consistent and reliable. For example, several sword strokes would be much safer than casting a large and powerful spell.

Background: Nebuline are large, strange creatures that tend to show up when the fabric of reality has been tampered with on some large scale, especially areas afflicted with the aftermath of mass teleportation, temporal or dimensional transport.  While the appearance of one isn’t common, there are some areas so heavily impacted that groups of nebuline inhabit them as natives.  Nebuline are believed to be significantly less bizarre monsters caught in an endless spacial loop within themselves when they were violently pulled from their world, as their whole figure phases in and out of reality in a horrifyingly liquid contortion of flesh.

Tactics: It is unknown what provokes a nebuline, as some walk right next to travelers peacefully while others cross great distances chasing down someone who has no idea what they’ve done.  When a nebuline picks a target, its various paws randomly appear and melt away from various angles, making them difficult to avoid and even more difficult to defend against.  Though clawless, the paws of a nebuline hit with enough force to damage as they glide through its prey, and passing through the starry-padded paws causes spacial displacement.  Sometimes getting struck puts them facing the wrong direction, sometimes it puts them a good distance from the nebuline, sometimes it puts them a couple seconds into the past while undoing their last attack, sometimes it puts them a couple seconds in the future having missed the time that flew by, and sometimes it puts them upside down twenty feet in the air.  Disorienting, and painful!

Fighting a nebuline is a trial of risk management.  While getting hit by a nebuline isn’t great, hitting one can be far worse.  Sometimes attacks phase right through the nebuline, sometimes the attacks take a while before the nebuline appears affected by them, sometimes the attack impacts it reversely by dealing the damage backwards over time which heals it, and sometimes it turns out you actually hit yourself.  Status effects are a gamble, since they tend to either last shorter than their intended duration or phase out entirely, rarely working out in your favor and lasting longer than normal.  Multiple nebuline are even more frustrating, as attacking one might instead put damage on another.  The safest way to fight nebuline is to use consistent attacks over powerful ones.  While a large powerful spell could hurt it severely, the fact that it could miss entirely or backfire makes it a risky choice. Fast, cheap, consistent attacks or multi-hit abilities make missing forgivable and minimizes the damage you’ll receive if they backfire.


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