Name: Pecsniffan
Word of the Day: pecksniffian
Environment: Any environment with large amounts of other birds
Organization: Single pecsniffans in groups of other birds
Attacks: Mimics the abilities of enemies while commanding a group of other birds
Defenses: Pecsniffan are always with numerous other birds, which serve as their front line of defense. They prefer weaving in and out of combat to a direct confrontation and can deflect various attacks aimed at them.
Weaknesses: Pecsniffan are fairly weak opponents when isolated, and picking off the other birds ensures an easy victory.  Large area of effect abilities are also powerful, since their effect is hard to shield with the bodies of other birds.

Background: Birds have never been known for their spectacular governance.  While to most birds, pecsniffan look like some sort of king, a pecsniffan is actually a bird using its mirror-like feather and stylish wardrobe to impersonate royalty.  Pecsniffan are selfish, vain birds that spend all day admiring themselves in their glassy tail feathers, reflecting on how much better they think they are than other birds.  By disguising themselves as royalty, other birds gather food, seek shelter, and even fight to the death just to protect a pecsniffan!  If only they knew…

Tactics: Pecsniffan are entirely fickle, and will command their squad of birds to attack if they’re even slightly bored.  In belief that the pecsniffan is truly their king, the other birds will obey its every command, even fighting to the death!   There are a couple of things that make fighting a pecsniffan difficult.  Pecsniffan have flawlessly impersonated the most generic looking kingly figure they could, meaning that its group of loyal followers can be made up of any number of different types of birds, each bringing their own unique style to the fight. While the pecsniffan mostly just hides among the group of birds, admiring itself, if its enemy uses a particularly flashy or spectacular attack, the pecsniffan will immediately pick up on it, and use the move once itself before getting bored with it.  This means that in order to fight a pecsniffan, you must be prepared to either withhold your best attacks and rely on more basic techniques, or be prepared to take your best techniques to the face once.

There are two simple ways to best a pecsniffan and his squad of birds.  The most straightforward way is to simply beat all of its bird squad, then pick it off easily.  Pecsniffan are so absorbed in looking at their own reflection that they never notice when the rest of their followers have fallen.  The other way to is to focus the pecsniffan down with spells.  While a bit more difficult, as the pecsniffan will dismissively deflect most single-target spells from him to another bird using his mirror-like feather, using large area of effect spells can pick the pecsniffan off easily without causing too much harm to the other birds, freeing them from its tyranny.  Be wary though, as any flashy area of effect spells will be imitated and thrown back at your party once.


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