This Week Already Passed…

I think the launch of this blog was pretty successful, but I got a bit carried away over the weekend.

As many of you know, I’m really into League of Legends (Shout out to my League of Legends friends that also happen to be reading this!) and anyone familiar with League of Legends knows that Season 1 is coming to an end.  While I definitely don’t feel that solo queue ELO equals skill level, I really wanted to give my solo queue ELO a decent shot, so I played pretty much all weekend (like 40+ hours), getting reasonably close to a gold ranking.

Come late Monday, I boot my computer up to keep at it, and find that it’s having some HDD issues, which pretty much puts me out of commission, as well as throwing a wrench into my team’s plans to compete in newegg’s Wanfest.  It was a pretty crummy feeling, and while I still drew some of the motwotds, I didn’t really feel like typing up their info, so instead I ate a small red velvet cake and a bowl of cheese.  Fixes everything, promise.

Thankfully I have a second laptop, and though its old burned out graphics card can’t get me back to contending a gold ranking, it’s enough that I can play a bit of catch-up on monster design and updates.  I’ve got quite a few of these suckers lined up, so there’s that to look forward to!  On top of that, I had originally planned on posting updates on another project I’ve been working on this week, but depending on the timing I might just end up postponing them to either this weekend or sometime next week.  For those of you who know me and the sorts of projects I’m always working on, yes.  It’s the big one, it’s that project.  So get excited! :D


One thought on “This Week Already Passed…

  1. Shoutout Recieved :).

    Sorry to hear about your computer problems, that always sucks (but I also know how much you love bowls of cheese). I look forward to future updates. :D

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