Gate Diviner

Name: Gate Diviner
Word of the Day: divagate
Environment: Wherever there is a teleportation gate
Organization: Solitary
Attacks: Nonstop gibberish
Defenses: Rapid random teleportation
Weaknesses: If you want to reclaim a teleportation gate from a gate diviner, your best bet is to group up with people who have short, quickly cast disables while use as much immediate damage as possible, before it gets a chance to teleport.

Background: Gate diviners are weird, fleshy blobs that fly using powerful mustached wings and are obsessed with teleportation. While some people make the mistake of assuming that gate diviners are wizards driven mad by teleportation, they are obviously not human, but are instead strange dimensional beings taking the shape of wizards driven mad by teleportation so that they may better blend into the world.  Gate diviners search for teleportation gates, pulling the runes stones from the ground and causing the runes to orbit them, drawing on their power to happily teleport all over the immediate area.

Tactics: Gate diviners are incredibly annoying.  While they possess no desire or ability to fight, they are constantly stealing and moving the teleportation gates, devices which would otherwise make travel incredibly fast and easy.  If a gate diviner tries to steal a teleportation gate, it’s much easier to stop them than once they’ve taken it, because once the gate orbits around them, they can teleport to a random place in the immediate area at frequent intervals.

Gate diviners are always rattling about some inane topic that is impossible to follow, and it’s incredibly distracting.  Any ability that requires an extended amount of concentration to perform is impossible to use while the gate diviner is nearby, and periodically the conversation is so painful that you can’t help but flinch.  If you want to reclaim a stolen gate, you’re going to need a group of people with short, quickly cast disables.  Since its impossible to concentrate on strong abilities, your group is going to need to rotate using disables that prevent the gate diviner from teleporting, such as stuns and silences.  While ensuring that the gate diviner can’t teleport is important, it’s also crucial to put as much damage as possible on it in as quickly as you can.  Since the gate diviner doesn’t fight back, a group that specializes in disables and damage can make the task of recovering a teleportation gate that much easier.


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