Name: Turpartin
Word of the Day: paralipsis
Environment: Grassy areas such as meadows, plains
Organization: Small groups
Attacks: Sticky body
Defenses: Once stuck in its sticky body, turpartin drastically slow their enemy’s movements and actions.  Coupled with their incredibly high survivability, it’s not a good idea to get caught in a turpartin.
Weaknesses: Easy to avoid, doesn’t have any range

Background: Turpartin are unmoving monsters that sit in small groups atop of mounds of dirt in grassy areas.  The biggest debate surrounding turpartin is whether or not they’re actually monsters or just objects sitting around. There are those that think turpartin are just piles of purplish black gunk with a hat, dripping slowly as they warm in the sun.  Others claim that if you fight one, it is a formidable opponent that’ll put you through the struggle of your life.  Sometimes there are even accounts of people who head out to clear the turpartin off of a plot of land, only to never return.

Tactics: A turpartin will never initiate a fight.  In fact, it won’t ever do anything at all.  Turpartin sit perfectly still all day and all night, thick gooey beads slowly dripping down their liquid form.  If you leave them alone, they won’t bother you, but if anything happens to touch a turpartin, it’s an entirely different story.  Touching it causes temporarily immobilization and a slowly weakening movement and action slow that lasts for a good while, as the sticky gunk from its body is both restrictive and really difficult to get off.  Once caught, struggling or attacking the turpartin reapplies the immobilization and the slow, but for a longer period of time, and struggling too much can result in a painfully long period of being slow.

The easiest way not to get stuck in a turpartin is to avoid getting close to one, which is particularly easy since they don’t move.  If you happen to get stuck in one, your best bet is to just wait for it to slowly release you, which takes much less time than if you struggle.  In theory you could easily fight a turpartin at range, since they do nothing unless you touch them, but they are incredibly hard to kill and probably not worth your time.


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