Name: Br’aralird
Word of the Day: braird
Environment: Grassy areas such as meadows, plains
Organization: Solitary
Attacks: Thorny grip, devouring prey whole
Defenses: While the body of a br’aralird is incredibly vulnerable, their tentacles are a bit tougher, and they keep the rest of themselves underground for safety.
Weaknesses: Vulnerable tentacles and mouth, keeping in good health

Background: Br’aralird live underground in various grassy regions where turpartin are abundant.  Though many argue that turpartin are not living beings, but are instead traps deployed by the br’aralird, the br’aralird have never been observed making one, nor do they have the ability to do so.  These underground squid generally lay dormant while their plant-like tentacles curl and mimic small bramble patches.  When something brushes up against one of its tentacles, it quickly lashes out, breaking the earth above its head to devour whatever it grabbed.

Tactics: Since br’aralird spend most of their time in wait, they will never attack you unless you stumble into one of their resting tentacles.  Once awoken, br’aralird generally keep their heads below ground and flail their thorny tentacles around, grabbing on impact.  Once something is grabbed, they will poke their heads out to see whether or not what they grabbed is small enough to swallow immediately, and if it isn’t, they’ll proceed to squeeze them tightly, dealing damage over time and stunning them.  When the prey seems near death, the br’aralird will raise its whole head above ground and devour them whole.

While a lone br’aralird can be handled fairy easily by a small band of prepared adventurers,  br’aralird almost always rest in places littered with turpartin.  They seem to have an innate sense of where the turpartin are, and while their prey is avoiding the sticky obstacles, the br’aralird has better chances at landing a grab.  If an enemy gets stuck, the br’aralird is quick to ensnare them, and while it won’t devour the sticky mess, the goo makes it very difficult to break or be broken free.  Br’aralird will put their injured tentacles inside of turpartin to protect them if it can, using them as secondary weapons that only immobilize and slow enemies.

While fighting a br’aralird can be difficult, exploiting its weaknesses as a team can turn the tide of the fight.  While br’aralird tentacles are fast and deadly, once one stops to grab someone you can easily focus your damage on it, though you should avoid attacks that might also injure your ally.  Once a tentacle is injured, the br’aralird will no longer grab with it.  Once all of its tentacles are injured, the br’aralird is forced to spring from the ground, trying to devour you whole.  When it tries to devour you, you can chuck something harmful into its mouth, or if you can manage to get a turpartin in its mouth it’ll be unable open its mouth for the rest of the fight.  Since at the beginning of every fight the br’aralird immediately devours whatever aggravates its tentacles, you can start each fight disabling its ability to devour.  As long as you keep your allies in good health, they shouldn’t reach a point of injury where the br’aralird thinks it can eat them anyways, unless you want to gamble and use that opening against it.


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