Name: Gammon
Word of the Day: gammon
Environment: A specific industrial game house
Organization: Small groups
Attacks: Dice projectile
Defenses: RNG shield, self-destructive mechanisms
Weaknesses: While gammon seem to have no weaknesses that an outsider can exploit, by interacting with the environment you might find a window into the inner workings of this strange ongoing war.

Background: Gammon come in two variety; white with black stripes, and red with black stripes.  Though this may seem like a simple variance in coloration, gammon are low ranking soldiers in an ongoing war between the two sides of the conflict that has seized a specific industrial game house for ages. They are designed as part of the game house, and as such are almost entirely resilient to outside influences.

Tactics: Though gammon are the weakest members of their respective armies, they are designed for such an advanced and intricate level of combat that causing one any amount of harm is very unlikely. Gammon constantly shift their defenses to block all incoming damage that isn’t a painfully specific amount, making most attacks completely useless against them most of the time.  Other gammon counteract this by attacking with a constant stream of small icosahedral projectiles that deal incredibly random amounts of damage at a high frequency, increasing the likelihood that they will bypass the other gammon’s defenses.

Thankfully, gammon are only interested in the larger war the encompasses their home and will never actively attack outsiders.  Still, passing through the industrial game house forces adventurers to carefully navigate through both the gammons’ offense and defense.  While the stray icosahedral projectiles can be a pain, constantly flying and ricocheting off of other enemies, the self-destructive tendencies of the gammon can create even more devastating obstacles to pass through.  As gammon break, their eyes roll onto the ground, creating variously powered explosions.  Their teeth fly out and travel through the air in a hooked horizontal path as if they were thrown playing cards.  Segments of their body crash onto the ground, creating platforms that can bridge otherwise hard to reach pathways or crush travelers underneath.  Finally, when a gammon is defeated, it explodes in a large field of various of the aforementioned projectiles, creating a terrifying explosion that no living thing would want to get caught in.

While gammon are specifically designed to be resilient to any outside influences, there are two main ways you can make your experience at the industrial game house  a little less painful.  The easiest way to deal with gammon is to simply stay away from their battles, but in some cases the battles might be so large or in exactly the spot you need to pass through – in fact this can happen quite often!  In those cases, the best way to deal with gammon is to utilize the environment around you to gain the upper hand.  Since gammon are effectively pawns of an ongoing war, they can be easily manipulated by altering the patterns of the surroundings to guide their movement and actions.  Once you realize that a gammon is simply a piece in a game, it becomes deceptively easy to manipulate the game to your advantage as you climb to the top of the strange industrial game house.  Solving the game can be a different issue entirely…


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