Name: Glenneldhis
Word of the Day: palingenesis
Environment: A specific valley
Organization: Unique
Attacks: Rebirthing ioata, commanding nature, and sheer strength
Defenses: Glenneldhis relies on the sympathy of the ioata to absorb damage and debuffs from it.  Its high base defenses and insane health pool are the backbone that keeps it in the fight.

Background: In the secluded glen of the ioata, when their tree of life fell to horrible rot that crept upon the valley, the ioata sacrificed themselves to salvage their tree, known as Glenneldhis.  Glenneldhis knew that in its weakened state it would no longer be able to sustain the valley with just the light that kept things prosperous in times passed, and despite its frailties, Glenneldhis pulled itself from the ground, keeping the rot from spreading into its roots and dooming the entire glen.  Though the rot and its devastation still linger, Glenneldhis roams the glen, caring for the new life that sprung from the shadow of a plague.

Tactics: Glenneldhis takes good care of the glen, and will crush anyone it believes to be harmful to its habitat.  Glenneldhis uses straightforward tactics to defeat its enemy, using its command over nature to cause roots and vines to burst from the ground, immobilizing enemies so that it can hobble over to them and crush them with a single swing of its mighty arm.  The main complexity of fighting Glenneldhis comes from the ioata that swarm its core, which aid the protector in various ways.  The ioata are constantly absorbing damage and debuffs from Glenneldhis, and reciprocally Glenneldhis takes the most wounded and beaten ioata and reincarnate them as perfect ioata.  Perfect ioata can’t inflict status effects, but they do carry some of its guardian’s regenerative power, emitting a weak healing aura.

As the fight goes on, the rot starts taking more and more control over Glenneldhis.  It begins to rot nature it commands, causing the immobilize to deal damage and have a tapering slow that reduces defenses.  Its punches begin to spray out lines of infection that corrupt the ground, and it begins to systematically spew cones of infection from its mouth.  Standing in the infection deals damage and inflicts various status effects, potentially leaving you blind, poisoned, crippled or silenced.  Ioata that absorb infection or are reincarnated become infected ioata.  Infected ioata carry a degenerative power, emitting a weak damaging aura, and bursting into a ring of rot on death.

Fighting Glenneldhis takes some careful consideration and planning.  Mobility is important, since dodging terrain can be fairly easy if you stay on your feet.  Since ioata are constantly healing it, picking them off can help keep damage and debuffs on Glenneldhis, but picking them off slowly leads perfect ioata, which provide small stacking healing auras to all enemies.  If you simply ignore the ioata, you’ll have to beat your way through hordes of status effects against a foe that is constantly regenerating.  Neither is a great option, but that’s what makes Glenneldhis such a unique challenge.

As Glenneldhis begins succumbing to rot, it’ll start slowly losing life on its own,changing the flow of battle drastically.  Mobility becomes restricted but still important, since the field begins filling with hazardous terrain while still lashing out at you.  The ioata slowly turn from inflicting annoying status effects to becoming the primary source of damage.  The infected ioata’s aura helps kill off the other ioata, but at this point in the fight they’ve basically all become living grenades anyways.

As a unique creature, Glenneldhis doesn’t innately have a weakness and requires you think on your feet, adapting and responding to his various means of attacking.  A good mix of various strategies such as high mobility, area of effect damage, resistance to status effects, high burst damage, and high survivability should greatly aid your endeavor.


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