Name: Naáché
Word of the Day: panache
Environment: Any place settled by a large number of birds
Organization: Ranges from solitary to small groups
Attacks: Various powerful divine spells
Defenses: Various powerful divine spells
Weaknesses: Though their spells are powerful, naáché cast overly flashy spells that take a long time to channel.  Interrupting them as they cast is a great way to keep them from finishing their devastating spells.  If that fails, have high resistances and hope for the best.

Background: When birds settle down in any given area, they establish a social class.  When those social classes grow large enough, eventually a gaudy upper class of avian superiority emerges – the naáché.  The naáché observe the high quality standards one might expect from a bird in their position, including the ability to draw upon a higher, mighty power.  This power is so great that many other lower class bird revere them and seek their guidance in times of need.

Tactics: Naáché are powerful divine casters that pride themselves in their knowledge of a privileged art.  They have access to a myriad of spells, all of which are incredibly powerful but require a large amount of time and focus to properly cast.  Naáché can heal entire groups of allies, grant teammates invulnerability, give allies an immense burst of strength, shield allies from ranged attacks and abilities, push enemies far away with a concentrated burst of wind, or create devastating cyclones that tear across the battlefield while pulling enemies inwards.

Naáché cast devastating spells that greatly turn the tide of battle, but that doesn’t make them unbeatable.  Since all of their spells are of the highest quality, it takes the naáché a long time to prepare them, giving you and your teammates a good opportunity to interrupt them.  Though they’re often paired with other enemy birds, make interrupting their casts your top priority, as certain spells of theirs are powerful enough to creature opportunities to cast other spells, or worse, allow another naáché to finish their channeling.  Once a naáché starts getting successful casts off, you’re going to have hope you have high resistances and prepare for a long and grueling battle, because their spells are powerful enough to make even the simplest encounters a challenge.


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