Name: Philixir
Word of the Day: philter
Environment: Any shady place they think they can do business, including outskirts of towns and lower floors of underground dungeons
Organization: Solitary
Attacks: Forces enemies to drink potions
Defenses: Frequent short distance blinks, plethora of healing potions
Weaknesses: While the main weakness of a philixir is that it can’t really fight back by itself, the easiest way to defeat one is to prepare your party for the nuances of the fight.  Long, powerful disables can prevent it from slinking away.

Background: Philixir like to think of themselves as clever businessmen, but in reality they are cunning otherworldly beings that blend in to society poorly by wearing ragtag adventuring gear. If you’re in a pinch, don’t be afraid to buy a couple of potions from one, but never approach one alone if you value your coin purse.

Tactics: In combat, a philixir teleports short distances across the room, sneaking around the battlefield and forcing potions down people’s throats.  When committed to a fight, a philixir will initiate with its most potent potion, a charming potion that turns whoever drinks it from foe to ally.  Normally it prefers to use this potion on lone adventurers to scam them out of all of their money, but it isn’t afraid to use it if forced into comba.  Once it’s made a new friend, the philixir sticks to the outskirts of the fight, aiding its new ally and itself with various healing potions.  The strange effect of potions produced by philixir is that if the potions heal someone above their maximum health, they inflict a terrible sickness that causes intense nausea and vomiting.  If an enemy is at high enough health, a philixir will sneak a potion down their throat to remove them from the fight for a while.

If you travel with a group, you shouldn’t have to prepare to fight a philixir, but as they carry a number of valuable healing potions, picking one off can sometimes be beneficial to the journey.  If you’re going to pick a fight with a philixir, there are a couple of things you can do to significantly sway the fight.  If your party goes into the fight at somewhere around two-thirds health, the philixir won’t be able to induce terrible nausea – its only disable.  Additionally, silencing disables cause a swelling of the throat, and anyone who is silenced won’t be able to have any potions forced down their throats.  Be careful though, because if your whole party is silenced the philixir will likely panic and avoid any confrontation to begin with!  Philixir will eventually realize and flee from a losing fight, so a disable like a stun or an immobilize will prevent it from annoyingly hopping away with teleports.


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