Name: Pleonasm
Word of the Day: pleonasm
Environment: Any dark, wet area that doesn’t have another dominant species
Organization: Generally large groups
Attacks: Biting with its teeth
Defenses: Parasitic core, rubbery skin
Weaknesses: Area of effect abilities or mass debuffs can help you deal with the sheer numbers of pleonasm.

Background: There used to be a type of friendly, rubbery lizard that was difficult to kill but otherwise completely innocuous.  While most thought nothing of it, a particularly nasty parasite took notice of them, and over several generations, the lizards died off and the pleonasm took over their old rubbery shape.  Now pleonasm are strange rubbery skins filled with a pulsating, mutating parasite that spreads like wildfire and quickly become the dominant species in any given environment.  Their physical growth and their environmental growth can both be described as dangerous, rapid, and unnecessary. 

Tactics: Pleonasm are nasty, simple, and numerous.  Tough their tactic of overwhelming their opponent and tearing them to pieces using their inner parasitic mouths is simple, it’s also very effective.  Pleonasm are fast and sort of sway as they rush over enemies in a frenzy of teeth that bypass armor due to their sheer strength.  When a pleonasm dies, the inner parasite abandons its rubber skin and makes a desperate last attempt to bite anything it possibly can.  If it does, its gnashing teeth attempt to shred through the host’s skin, allowing the pleonasm to forcefully obtain a new outer skin.  In some cases, more and more pleonasm attempt to cram into a single rubbery lizard skin in order to prevent their own deaths.

Pleonasm are nasty, but there are certainly ways to deal with them.  Since pleonasm are comprised of unnecessary random organs and appendages pushing through the inside of their host skins, their inner immune systems are incredibly weak, and they suffer significantly heightened effects from various debuffs and disables.  Some effects take the pleonasm considerably longer to fight off, while other effects are amplified to an excruciating degree.  Since pleonasm both swarm in numbers and attempt to merge onto other beings with their last ounce of strength, area of affect abilities both hit a lot of them and create situations where the parasites are unable to find another living creature fast enough to survive being torn from its host.


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