Name: Flomp
Word of the Day: aplomb
Environment: Secluded forests, especially those rich in spiritual energies
Organization: Ranges from solitary to small groups
Attacks: Flomp throw themselves around, albeit it playfully.  While they won’t actually ever attack you, it’s pretty likely that what they consider a playful pin you consider bone crushing.
Defenses: Evasive, durable, resilient, licks its wounds
Weaknesses: The best way to deal with a flomp is to burst it down at range, keeping disables ready for its self-heals.

Background: Spiritual animals guard and protect those who pay homage to nature, especially to those who nurture and raise a flomp.  Flomp are the children of a greater spiritual animal, as they possess all of the spiritual strength to one day transcend their physical form and join their ancestors, though their innocence makes them act most like an over sized puppy. To counteract their curious nature, flomp are intentionally born with stumpy legs so that they are manageable by their caretakers. Those who care for a flomp as it matures and guide it towards transcendence are rewarded by the good nature of protection of the forest.

Tactics: Half of the problem with flomp is that their large size and energetic nature makes them capable of causing a great deal of pain entirely unintentionally.  As flomp are easily excited, when one sees someone new it’s pretty likely they’ll bound over to them, tackling them and smothering them in affectionate licks.  If attacked, flomp will mistake the aggression as playfulness, and despite having stumpy legs the grace of these spiritual beings really shines when they get knocked over, which causes them to roll around sporadically before regaining their composure.  Coupled with their friendly disposition and incredible vitality, its usually best to try and avoid flomp entirely.

Once you’ve attacked a flomp, you should also remember that their caretaker or other guardians of nature might rush to its aid.  Fighting them often can often be as challenging, if not more challenging than trying to avoid getting crushed by a loveable flomp itself.   Flomp are fairly difficult to fight because their high vitality means that they can take quite a few hits, and their spiritual nature makes them resilient against various effects.  Once you’ve hurt a flomp, it’ll topple over, nimbly rolling into semi-random attack patterns before ending upright.  Getting too close to a flomp is ill-advised. When the flomp is decently injured, it’ll start licking its wounds, and its pretty critical that you keep disabling it so that it doesn’t heal back up.  Ultimately the best way to deal with a flomp is to deal all of your damage in ranged bursts to keep safe from its wobbling while keeping your disables prepared.


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