Take Two (A Day!)

My ambiguous goal of trying to a create a monster a day last month didn’t exactly pan out the way I had hoped.  I’ve always had a much easier time sitting down and working on a project for 12+ hours straight than I have pacing myself at a couple hours a day over a week, and last month wasn’t really an exception.  I ended up drawing a dozen or so sketches I haven’t uploaded yet, and just never felt like typing them out and posting them – not because I don’t love that part of the monsters, but because it was pretty time consuming and the large “to-do” list for what is supposed to be a fun side project kept growing longer and longer.

So!  This month I’m going to try and approach things in a way that is more clear and hopefully more manageable, and we’ll see how that goes.  It’s like a bunch of mini New Year’s resolutions!

  • Draw something once a day, and post about it.
  • Post a second time once a day, about absolutely anything, just to keep posting daily.
  • Do other quick, fun things that might translate into additional posts per day!
  • Prioritize posting higher – don’t leave it for the “last thing” to do in a day.
  • If you don’t post twice in a day, think “Boo UE, you suck!” and strongly consider doing three the next day, but otherwise don’t make a to-do list.
  • Encourage others to remind you that you suck

…phew, seems like it’s gonna be quite a month for some side projects!  All that said, I’ve got quite a few interesting ideas on what I can do this month to hopefully keep posting easy while adding more varied content than last month.  Also hopefully I’ll get that one thing up and running so people can help me test it…

(By the way I’m totally counting this post.)


2 thoughts on “Take Two (A Day!)

    • That was meant more along the lines of, “You didn’t post twice? You suck UE go post twice.”

      Which I didn’t, day 2. And I said I wouldn’t play catch-up, but since it’s just a day I’m planning on it.

      I am the most consistent person :P

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