Name: Chitchi
Word of the Day: chichi
Environment: Slightly nomadic, originating from fields, meadows, or small villages
Organization: Large groups
Attacks: Rallying cry
Defenses: Wavering loyalty
Weaknesses: Winning, or delicious food

Background: Chitchi are a type of roaming rodent that act as animate enthusiasm.  Chitchi are constantly fidgeting bundles of excitement that rush into fights simply because they get so caught up in them.  Unlike most rodents, chitchi are often considering signs of good luck, and local villagers or adventurers often keep their kind fed just for their wonderful company.

Tactics: Chitchi travel around in large groups, but avoid any fights initiated on them.  Conversely, if any fight in happening in the nearby area, chitchi can’t help but pry!  When they join in a fight, chitchi always pick the side they think is currently winning and aid them with their rallying cry, giving them several small stacking damage and speed buffs per chitchi.  The rallying cry also has an added effect that causes allies to randomly strike out triumphantly at their enemies, and though chitchi never innately attack, chitchi under numerous stacks of the rallying cry buff start building up small chances to bite their foes.  Once the fight is won, the chitchi will follow the winner as far as other regions so long as they are not forced to scour for food, constantly cheering them on with their encouraging high pitched squeaks.

Fortunately, chitchi are incredibly fickle, and if they think the fight is turning they won’t hesitate to switch sides.  If you find yourself losing to an enemy aided by some chitchi, using some high damage moves can turn the tide of the fight and convince the chitchi to be on your side for a while.  Additionally, if you provide the chitchi with delicious food they are very likely to turn to your side, and if you plan on recruiting a swarm of chitchi to your side for an extended period of time, stocking up on cheese certainly wouldn’t hurt your cause.


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