Name: Billow
Word of the Day: billow
Environment: Coastlines or other areas affected by tides
Organization: Ranges from solitary to large groups
Attacks: Spews balls of sand
Defenses: Either a stream or gush of water
Weaknesses: Having a longer range or being difficult to push with mid-ranged weapons will ensure an easy victory, but even the unprepared don’t have much to worry about.

Background: Billow are tube-like creatures with two identical sides that live on coastlines or other ares affected by tides.  The bottom half of a billow anchors it into the ground while the top half keeps predators away, allowing it to safely soak in sea water and other nutrients from the ground.  When billow want to move to a new spot, they pump the sea water from their lower sponges into their upper sponges, causing them to become top heavy and fall face first into the ground, vaulting the other face above ground.

Tactics: Since moving is such a difficult task for the billow, a billow’s primary defense is ranged artillery.  At long distances, billow spit up chunks of muddy sand or dirt, causing little harm but causing their enemies to flinch, slowing their advance.  In mid-ranged proximity, billow will spew a strong stream of water at anything that approaches it – strong enough that it pushes enemies away! Though billow never let enemies get near if at all possible, if an enemy does get near, the billow will put the enemy half-way into its mouth, swelling up with water until it can spew the enemy great distances.

Billow are fairly easy to deal with.  For starters, they don’t have a whole lot of damaging moves, and while getting pushed around isn’t fun, you’re not going to be much worse off for it.  If you can match the billow’s incredible range, you’re certain to win a ranged fight.  If you’re weighted down or are otherwise resistant to being pushed, you can easily win a mid-ranged fight as the billow try to push you away.  Even engaging billow at melee isn’t terrible, and though you won’t really be able to kill one once you get close and it swallows you up, you can use its gush of water’s push to get thrown to areas that otherwise might be difficult to get to!


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