Name: Ribbane
Word of the Day: rapine
Environment: Anywhere there is treasure
Organization: Solitary
Attacks: Summoning flute
Defenses: High mobility, turning to stone
Weaknesses: When fighting a ribbane, you’re mostly dealing with the ribbane’s summons, as the monster itself doesn’t attack.  While there is no assured strategy that works against the ribbane’s summons, having a highly versatile team significantly increases your chances for success.

Background: Ribbane are annoying frogs that hobble around leglessly and steal people’s valuables.  Ribbane have an eye for quality, and though they’re known to constantly pilfer valuables, they only hang on to and protect the most valuable of their many treasures.  While ribbane themselves are annoying, with their summoning flute they’re known to rob throw entire cities into chaos just to obtain a particular rare item.

Tactics: A ribbane will only approach you and possibly attack you if it senses an incredibly valuable treasure in your possession, and if it steals something of yours it’ll immediate toss out its previous treasure.  Younger ribbane are more likely to attack, as their treasure is much less likely to hold any real value.  At the start of the fight, ribbane will blow their summoning flute, calling forth a multitude of various monsters.  The strength of the monsters corresponds directly to the ribbane’s age, meaning that ribbane hold a relatively stable strength-to-valuable-treasure ratio. Once the monsters are summoned, the ribbane mostly avoids enemies with its high mobility, turning to stone when enemies get too close, making it nearly impossible to damage.

Younger ribbane are annoying, but older ribbane make excellent opponents because of their valuable treasure.  It is hard to prepare to fight a ribbane, as their primary form of offense is summoning various monsters that would not normally exist within the same encounter, making versatility key.  A veteran adventurer might be strong enough to break through a weaker ribbane’s stony form, but otherwise it’s best to ignore the ribbane entirely and focus on beating the summons.  Once you have defeated the ribbane’s summons, the spell of the ribbane will shatter, turning it into a regular frog atop a treasure chest.  While collecting the treasure is obvious, the cracked flute is valued by adventurers for its ability to play a single note before crumbling, summoning a monster at random.


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