Hobson Goblin

Name: Hobson Goblin
Word of the Day: hobson gobson
Environment: Roaming everywhere
Organization: Ranges from solitary to small groups
Attacks: Tourism-fu
Defenses: General defenses and resistances
Weaknesses: Because of their varying fighting style and general defenses and resistances, hobson goblin don’t have much of a glaring weakness.  Adaptability lets you handle it’s off-kilter arsenal, and in many cases the hobson goblin pick up moves that don’t necessarily work together.

Background: Goblin are known for their savage culture and long-standing traditions.  While most live their entire lives never knowing much of the outside world, hobson goblin are overwhelmed with wanderlust.  Traveling far from their tribes, hobson goblin consider the open road their home, absorbing the local culture and enjoying every minute of life.  Whether or not they encounter the fabled adventuring party they hear so much about, you can be sure that they’re enjoying every minute of it.

Tactics: If you’re fighting another monster and there is a hobson goblin around, you can bet they’re going to join the fight – hobson goblin are always looking for the authentic
native experience, especially battle with an adventuring party!  A hobson goblin will always attempt to blend in, using a fighting style called tourism-fu that draws from various elements of other local monsters.  This means that for any given hobson goblin, you can expect their moveset to range from incredibly powerful to poorly mismatched.  Hobson goblin accommodate for this by having a general defense and resistance to everything, giving them a bit of defensive versatility in their travels.

Hobson goblin are interesting to fight because they combine random abilities from various native monsters into a single encounter.  Sometimes hobson goblin manage to pick up pretty deadly combos, but a lot of the time they provide a little extra damage or crowd control without much of a synergistic moveset.  The best way to deal with a hobson goblin is to pack a bit of versatility in your group, preventing any one strong random set of moves from catching you too off-guard, and preventing its ability to double some moves of the other monsters you’re fighting from getting too out of hand.


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