Name: Milqueghost
Word of the Day: milquetoast
Environment: Any area creeping with undeath, especially graveyards, abandoned buildings, or anyplace else haunted.
Organization: Ranges from solitary to large groups
Attacks: Performs handy tasks for the greater monster
is a ghost
is a milqueghost…

Background: When enemies die on the battlefield, often their souls stay bound to their corpses, slowly wasting away.  Certain powerful ghosts and demons sever these abandoned souls from their cadaverous shackles, turning lost souls into obedient milqueghost.  Out of a bit of respect and mostly fear, milqueghost will do whatever they are commanded to do out of weakness and literal spinelessness, shaking nervously the whole time.

Tactics: Milquetoast will run in a horrified panic if they are approached by most living things, whereas their fear of the living dead is paralyzing.  While milqueghost never get near an enemy, especially not near enough to attack, they do carry out whatever orders they’re given by the stronger demon or ghost.  Milqueghost are often seen carrying small chalices of blood from bodies, performing mundane tasks such as flipping switches or closing curtains, or sacrificing themselves to their greater for the purpose of some powerful ability or spell.

You don’t really fight a milqueghost so much as they are around while you’re fighting an enemy.  If you attack one directly, it will attempt to run away, but if you manage to hit it you can expect anything that can hit a ghost to instantly vaporize it.  They literally always die in a single hit, making their crippling fear somewhat justified.  While you can choose to take them out during a fight with a stronger monster so that they stop providing the monster with blood, power, or other such handiwork, sometimes you can simply kill the greater monster and cause the milqueghost to become paralyzed with fear.  Though you can easily pick them off then, if you offer a milqueghost a very bland, simple piece of food, such as a piece of bread, and then walk a healthy ways away, it’ll graciously accept your offering and often point you in the right direction, or try and find something of value to give you in return.


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