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“The Arena” Rules Update #1

Here are a couple of updates and/or clarifications to some of the rules of The Arena.  I expect there to be more when The Arena starts actual play testing in the next coming weeks, so expect more of these small rules updates and, eventually, an overhaul of the comprehensive rules to include this information.

Cooldown (CD):

Cooldowns limit a character’s power in The Arena.  When you use an ability, that ability goes on cooldown for a certain number of turns, meaning that it cannot be used.  At the start of each of your turns, all of your active character’s cooldowns count down by 1 turn.  Characters on the sidelines do not have their abilities cooldown.

Foreground/Middle ground/Background:

  • Anything in the foreground cannot be passed through and can be damaged if they have a health value.  Things in the foreground typically include obstructing terrain, summons or objects that are destructible and obtrusive, and the characters themselves.
  • Anything in the middle ground can be passed through and can be damaged if they have a health value.  Things in the middle ground typically include summons or objects that are destructible but not obtrusive, or projectiles.
  • Anything in the background can be passed through and cannot be damaged.  Things in the background typically include aspects of setup characters that can’t be manipulated.

Bottomless pits:

If you fall off of the battlefield for whatever reason, your character loses 10% of their maximum health, rounded down.  Next turn you cannot gain Movement or Action, but the turn after that you may reposition your character on either side of where you fell off, on the nearest space so that your character is grounded.


The only daughter of Oltone’s leader, Dea became the Altar of Souls and learned to view and interact with the spirits of the world.  When a hired torturer kidnapped and mangled her during the war, her strength of spirit reanimated her into an undying monstrosity.

Health: 62

Weaken Soul
Dea’s affinity for the spiritual allows her attacks to strike at the very souls of her enemies.
Trigger: Dea or a source of Dea’s deals magical damage to an enemy.
Effect: The enemy gains the effect “Weakened Soul” for 3 turns, stacking with previous instances of “Weakened Soul” up to 5 times and refreshing the duration of previous instances to 3 turns.

“Weakened Soul”
(Effect – Debuff)
When you are dealt magical damage, that damage is increased by 1.  If “Weakened Soul” is stacked 3 times, the additional damage is increased from 1 to 2.  If “Weakened Soul” is stacked 5 times, the additional damage is increased from 1 to 3.  If an enemy switches out or is forced to switch out, they take 2 damage for each stack of “Weakened Soul”.

Basic Attack
With a flick of her wrist, Dea destroys pieces of her opponents’ souls.  With some difficulty, Dea can swing her shackles at her enemy, pushing them back while the chains bind them to the ground.
(Light Attack)
Cost: 1 Action
Range: Within 5
Effect: 2 magical damage.
(Heavy Attack)
CD: 7
Cost: 1 Action, 1 Movement
Range: Melee
Effect: 5 physical damage.  The enemy is pushed 1 space away and is grounded.  Then, the enemy cannot gain Movement next turn.

Summon Siphon Spirit
Dea summons small flickering spirits that slowly siphon the enemy’s soul while nourishing the strength of her own.
CD: 6
Cost: 1 Action
Range: 1 space directly above
Effect: Summons a siphon spirit directly above Dea.

“Siphon Spirit”
Health: 3
Location: Middle ground
Behavior: Hovering 1 space off of the ground, siphon spirits will check if they are carrying a charge or not.  If they aren’t, they will move 1 space towards an enemy, dealing 1 magical damage and gaining 1 charge for each point of damage dealt if ending that movement adjacent to an enemy.  If they are, they will move 2 spaces towards Dea, healing for 1 for each charge and losing all charges if ending that movement adjacent to Dea.  When a siphon spirit dies or Dea switches out, on the ground beneath it, place a 1 space tombstone unless there is already a tombstone there.  Then, reduce the CD of Summon Siphon Spirit by 3 turns.

Location: Foreground
Trigger: An enemy starts their turn adjacent to a tombstone.
Effect: 1 magical damage.

Purging the soul from the grave, Dea tears open the earth beneath a tombstone in a ghastly burst of the afterlife.
CD: 2
Cost: 1 Action, 2 Movement
Range: Infinite
Effect: Choose a tombstone.  That tombstone erupts into a vertical column in the background, dealing 18 magical damage and destroying all other objects and terrain.  The vertical column lasts 1 turn, preventing enemies standing it it from gaining Movement and causing enemies within 2 spaces that move away from it an additional Movement.

Soul’s Defiance
Dea instills rebellion in the enemy’s soul, causing them to struggle internally.
(Active – Ultimate)
Cost: 1 Action
Range: Infinite
Effect: The enemy gains the effect “Soul Rebellion” for 5 turns.

“Soul Rebellion”
(Effect – Debuff)
This effect cannot be removed.  You cannot switch out or force to be switched out.  You gain 1 less Movement on your turn.  At the start of your turn, you take 1 magical damage.  Whenever you would deal damage, you instead deal half that much damage, rounded down.  If you die with this effect on you, Dea gains the use of Lesser Soul’s Defiance.

Lesser Soul’s Defiance
Cost: 1 Action, an enemy has previously died while under the effect of “Soul Rebellion”
Range: Infinite
Effect: The enemy gains the effect “Soul Rebellion” for 2 turns.


Those who think that Naldwul’s penguin suit looks silly know nothing of his frigid nature.  A powerful battlemage, Naldwul hails from the shivery peaks of Galindh and serves the Circle of Twelve as the icy ambassador of the north.

Health: 68

Frigid Footing
Wherever Naldwul goes he brings winter with him, freezing the ground beneath him.
Effect: Whenever Naldwul walk off of a space, that space’s terrain type is changed to ice.

If after being pushed or pulled a player is on ice, they are pushed or pulled an additional 1 space.  If a player starts their turn with a momentum counter on ice, they are forced to move 1 space in the direction of that momentum counter.

Basic Attack
Naldwul’s weapon of choice is a large fish encased in solid ice.  With enough force, enemies caught in Naldwul’s swing get spun around, sometimes right out of the fight.
(Light Attack)
Cost: 1 Action
Range: Reach 1
Effect: 5 physical damage, pushes the enemy 0 spaces. (This will push them 1 space away if they are standing on ice because of the additional distance pushed over ice.)
(Heavy Attack)
CD: 2
Cost: 1 Action
Optional Cost: 1 momentum counter
Range: Melee
Effect: 8 physical damage. Then, Naldwul and the enemy switch places and are pushed 0 spaces away from each other.
Optional Effect: After damage, both Naldwul and the enemy are switched out.  Then, both of the new combatants are pushed 0 spaces away from each other.

Naldwul encases his enemy in ice.
CD: 9
Cost: 1 Action
Range: Within 4
Effect: The enemy gains the effect “Frozen Solid” for 4 turns.

(Effect – Debuff)
You cannot gain Movement or Action on your turn, and buffs do not count down each turn.  When damage would be dealt to you, that damage is prevented, and that many shatter counters are placed on “Frozen”.  When you are pushed off of ice, that ice is destroyed and “Frozen” gains 2 shatter counters.  If “Frozen” has  24 shatter counters or more on it, the effect is removed and the enemy takes 28 magical damage.

Icicle Eruption
Naldwul pools the ice on the ground into a burst of jagged shards of ice.
CD: 6
Cost: 1 Action, 3 adjacent spaces with terrain type ice centered on the origin
Optional Cost 1: 7 adjacent spaces with terrain type ice centered on the origin
Optional Cost 2: 2 Movement with the requirement of Naldwul being on the sidelines
Range: Area X between 3 and 6 with origin O
Effect: Deals 20 magical damage.
Optional Effect 1: Area increased from X to X+Y, damage increase from 20 to 28 magical damage.
Optional Effect 2: Naldwul is able to cast this spell from the sidelines at an additional cost.

Bitter Cold
Calling on the winds of the shivery peaks, Naldwul can coat the battlefield with the winter weather he is so accustomed to.
(Active – Ultimate)
Cost: 1 Action
Effect: You gain the effect “Winter” for 11 turns.

(Effect – Global)
When you gain this effect and at the start of each of your turns, the whole battlefield is coated with snow, dealing 1 magical damage to everything that isn’t Naldwul.  Each space’s terrain type that isn’t ice is changed to snow, and each space’s terrain type that is snow is changed to ice. (The terrain type snow doesn’t do anything other than override other terrain types.)


Raised by a foster family, Airomn is a promising enlistee in the Erhendor military. Airomn’s apathetic nature takes the backseat to his duty to his country as he fights endlessly, relying on his ancient shield Pyrmyra as both his offense and defense.

Health: 75

Airomn’s ancient shield absorbs incoming a portion of all incoming damage, building defensive strength while gaining energy used to power Airomn offensively.
CD: 1
Trigger: Airomn is dealt damage.
Effect: That damage is decreased by 1 for every 2 charges Airomn has.  Then, Airomn gains 1 charge (max 4).

Basic Attack
Airomn brandishes Pyrmyra as a weapon, bashing his enemy.  By bracing himself, Airomn can swing Pyrmyra in a powerful arc hitting a large area while pushing enemies away.
(Light Attack)
Cost: 1 Action
Range: Melee
Effect: 6 physical damage
(Heavy Attack)
CD: 3
Cost: 1 Action, 2 Movement
Optional Cost: 2 charges
Range: Area X with character origin O
Effect: 6 physical damage, 6 magical damage, pushes the enemy 2 spaces
Optional Effect: Area increased from X to X+Y,  damage increased  from 6/6 to 6/10 physical/magical damage, push increased from 2 to 3 spaces.

Shield Impact
After an enemy attacks either Airomn or his ally, Airomn rushes in counterattacks.
CD: 4
Optional Cost: 2 charges
Range: Enemy must be in range of Airomn’s follow-up attack after movement.
Trigger: Airomn or an ally are dealt damage by an attack or ability, but not effects, terrain, or other sources.
Effect: If Airomn isn’t your active character, he switches in from the sidelines. Then, Airomn moves up to 2 spaces directly towards the enemy and makes a light attack, dealing an additional 4 physical damage.
Optional Effect: Effect changed from light attack to heavy attack, ignoring both Action and Movement requirements in the cost.  Optional costs may still be paid.

Rally the Troops
Airomn raises the morale of his allies, sending them charging into battle with new-found courage.
CD: 2
Cost: 1 Action
Optional Cost: 2 charges
Effect: Airomn switches out with an ally on the sidelines, and they gain the effect “Rallied!” for 3 turns.  Then, that ally may make a light attack. 
Optional Effect: Effect changed from light attack to heavy attack, ignoring any Action requirements in the cost.  Optional costs may still be paid.

(Effect – Buff)
Your light attacks and heavy attacks deal an additional 2 physical damage.

Hero’s Judgment
Pyrmyra bathes Airomn in radiant light, causing him to become temporarily invincible while building up a powerful heal for his allies.  Enemies that cut through the light weaken its heal, but are greeted by vengeance.
(Active – Ultimate)
Cost: 1 Action
Optional Cost: Any number of charges
Range: Infinite
Effect: Airomn gains the effect “Hero’s Reckoning” for 4 turns with 12 peaceful counters on it.  When “Hero’s Reckoning” expires, both Airomn and the active enemy take damage equal to half the number of vengeful counters on it.  Then each of Airomn’s allies are healed for an amount equal to the number of peaceful counters on it.
Optional Effect: Initial peaceful counters increased by 3 per charge paid.

“Hero’s Reckoning”
(Effect – Buff)
This effect cannot be removed.  Airomn cannot switch out or be forced to switch out. Whenever Airomn would be dealt damage, that damage is prevented, that many peaceful counters are removed from “Hero’s Reckoning” and that many vengeful counters are placed on “Hero’s Reckoning”.

Take Three?

“Take Two” didn’t go so well.

I’ve been meaning to update this blog for a while, but I haven’t gotten around to it.  I was sitting around thinking, “I should really work updates into my daily schedule, that should be like, my New Year’s resolution!”

But I figured ultimately that was just another excuse to procrastinate, so I’m just going to jump back into it right now!  This time, without promises of how regularly things will be updated, without form, without structure, but hopefully with content.  Hopefully lots of content.

My friend Roy said to me, “Y’know milqueghost… he’s really cool and all, but after a month or so he’s not that new and exciting.”

Let’s hope things stay new and exciting this time around!