Raised by a foster family, Airomn is a promising enlistee in the Erhendor military. Airomn’s apathetic nature takes the backseat to his duty to his country as he fights endlessly, relying on his ancient shield Pyrmyra as both his offense and defense.

Health: 75

Airomn’s ancient shield absorbs incoming a portion of all incoming damage, building defensive strength while gaining energy used to power Airomn offensively.
CD: 1
Trigger: Airomn is dealt damage.
Effect: That damage is decreased by 1 for every 2 charges Airomn has.  Then, Airomn gains 1 charge (max 4).

Basic Attack
Airomn brandishes Pyrmyra as a weapon, bashing his enemy.  By bracing himself, Airomn can swing Pyrmyra in a powerful arc hitting a large area while pushing enemies away.
(Light Attack)
Cost: 1 Action
Range: Melee
Effect: 6 physical damage
(Heavy Attack)
CD: 3
Cost: 1 Action, 2 Movement
Optional Cost: 2 charges
Range: Area X with character origin O
Effect: 6 physical damage, 6 magical damage, pushes the enemy 2 spaces
Optional Effect: Area increased from X to X+Y,  damage increased  from 6/6 to 6/10 physical/magical damage, push increased from 2 to 3 spaces.

Shield Impact
After an enemy attacks either Airomn or his ally, Airomn rushes in counterattacks.
CD: 4
Optional Cost: 2 charges
Range: Enemy must be in range of Airomn’s follow-up attack after movement.
Trigger: Airomn or an ally are dealt damage by an attack or ability, but not effects, terrain, or other sources.
Effect: If Airomn isn’t your active character, he switches in from the sidelines. Then, Airomn moves up to 2 spaces directly towards the enemy and makes a light attack, dealing an additional 4 physical damage.
Optional Effect: Effect changed from light attack to heavy attack, ignoring both Action and Movement requirements in the cost.  Optional costs may still be paid.

Rally the Troops
Airomn raises the morale of his allies, sending them charging into battle with new-found courage.
CD: 2
Cost: 1 Action
Optional Cost: 2 charges
Effect: Airomn switches out with an ally on the sidelines, and they gain the effect “Rallied!” for 3 turns.  Then, that ally may make a light attack. 
Optional Effect: Effect changed from light attack to heavy attack, ignoring any Action requirements in the cost.  Optional costs may still be paid.

(Effect – Buff)
Your light attacks and heavy attacks deal an additional 2 physical damage.

Hero’s Judgment
Pyrmyra bathes Airomn in radiant light, causing him to become temporarily invincible while building up a powerful heal for his allies.  Enemies that cut through the light weaken its heal, but are greeted by vengeance.
(Active – Ultimate)
Cost: 1 Action
Optional Cost: Any number of charges
Range: Infinite
Effect: Airomn gains the effect “Hero’s Reckoning” for 4 turns with 12 peaceful counters on it.  When “Hero’s Reckoning” expires, both Airomn and the active enemy take damage equal to half the number of vengeful counters on it.  Then each of Airomn’s allies are healed for an amount equal to the number of peaceful counters on it.
Optional Effect: Initial peaceful counters increased by 3 per charge paid.

“Hero’s Reckoning”
(Effect – Buff)
This effect cannot be removed.  Airomn cannot switch out or be forced to switch out. Whenever Airomn would be dealt damage, that damage is prevented, that many peaceful counters are removed from “Hero’s Reckoning” and that many vengeful counters are placed on “Hero’s Reckoning”.


2 thoughts on “Airomn

  1. Yay! Arena characters! I like the slight tweeks to Airomn to make him more active, should make him a bit more versatile and interesting.

    As far as things go:

    1)Shield Impact should probably say that he moves UP TO two spaces, unless I’m wrong and the movement is forced, though that might make him miss a swing.
    2)Hero’s Judgement says reckoning counters while Hero’s Reckoning says vengeful counters, just a point of consistency.

    Other than that, AWESOME! Can’t wait to play.

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