Those who think that Naldwul’s penguin suit looks silly know nothing of his frigid nature.  A powerful battlemage, Naldwul hails from the shivery peaks of Galindh and serves the Circle of Twelve as the icy ambassador of the north.

Health: 68

Frigid Footing
Wherever Naldwul goes he brings winter with him, freezing the ground beneath him.
Effect: Whenever Naldwul walk off of a space, that space’s terrain type is changed to ice.

If after being pushed or pulled a player is on ice, they are pushed or pulled an additional 1 space.  If a player starts their turn with a momentum counter on ice, they are forced to move 1 space in the direction of that momentum counter.

Basic Attack
Naldwul’s weapon of choice is a large fish encased in solid ice.  With enough force, enemies caught in Naldwul’s swing get spun around, sometimes right out of the fight.
(Light Attack)
Cost: 1 Action
Range: Reach 1
Effect: 5 physical damage, pushes the enemy 0 spaces. (This will push them 1 space away if they are standing on ice because of the additional distance pushed over ice.)
(Heavy Attack)
CD: 2
Cost: 1 Action
Optional Cost: 1 momentum counter
Range: Melee
Effect: 8 physical damage. Then, Naldwul and the enemy switch places and are pushed 0 spaces away from each other.
Optional Effect: After damage, both Naldwul and the enemy are switched out.  Then, both of the new combatants are pushed 0 spaces away from each other.

Naldwul encases his enemy in ice.
CD: 9
Cost: 1 Action
Range: Within 4
Effect: The enemy gains the effect “Frozen Solid” for 4 turns.

(Effect – Debuff)
You cannot gain Movement or Action on your turn, and buffs do not count down each turn.  When damage would be dealt to you, that damage is prevented, and that many shatter counters are placed on “Frozen”.  When you are pushed off of ice, that ice is destroyed and “Frozen” gains 2 shatter counters.  If “Frozen” has  24 shatter counters or more on it, the effect is removed and the enemy takes 28 magical damage.

Icicle Eruption
Naldwul pools the ice on the ground into a burst of jagged shards of ice.
CD: 6
Cost: 1 Action, 3 adjacent spaces with terrain type ice centered on the origin
Optional Cost 1: 7 adjacent spaces with terrain type ice centered on the origin
Optional Cost 2: 2 Movement with the requirement of Naldwul being on the sidelines
Range: Area X between 3 and 6 with origin O
Effect: Deals 20 magical damage.
Optional Effect 1: Area increased from X to X+Y, damage increase from 20 to 28 magical damage.
Optional Effect 2: Naldwul is able to cast this spell from the sidelines at an additional cost.

Bitter Cold
Calling on the winds of the shivery peaks, Naldwul can coat the battlefield with the winter weather he is so accustomed to.
(Active – Ultimate)
Cost: 1 Action
Effect: You gain the effect “Winter” for 11 turns.

(Effect – Global)
When you gain this effect and at the start of each of your turns, the whole battlefield is coated with snow, dealing 1 magical damage to everything that isn’t Naldwul.  Each space’s terrain type that isn’t ice is changed to snow, and each space’s terrain type that is snow is changed to ice. (The terrain type snow doesn’t do anything other than override other terrain types.)


2 thoughts on “Naldwul

  1. :o Wow.
    Naldwul seems like he’s a really hard hitting burst caster now, pretty nifty. I also like the change on his ult from Ice to Snow. Makes it take a bit longer to build up for a good Icicle Eruption (especially since a good Eruption means he needs to be in a hole somewhere near his opponent), but with Freeze, Ice, and his basic attack, you should be able to get a full combo off relatively easy. And at the same time, it’s not too exploitable since Freeze blocks all the other damage.

    • The “Frozen” number is what actually took the longest. At first it was a way to amplify a full burst combo, but that made him feel more like strictly a setup caster and not the true hybrid battlemage he’s supposed to be. It also encourages players to think very carefully as they try and deal the minimum 24 damage for its effect, while not punishing players who just nuke it with a huge Icicle Eruption.

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