The only daughter of Oltone’s leader, Dea became the Altar of Souls and learned to view and interact with the spirits of the world.  When a hired torturer kidnapped and mangled her during the war, her strength of spirit reanimated her into an undying monstrosity.

Health: 62

Weaken Soul
Dea’s affinity for the spiritual allows her attacks to strike at the very souls of her enemies.
Trigger: Dea or a source of Dea’s deals magical damage to an enemy.
Effect: The enemy gains the effect “Weakened Soul” for 3 turns, stacking with previous instances of “Weakened Soul” up to 5 times and refreshing the duration of previous instances to 3 turns.

“Weakened Soul”
(Effect – Debuff)
When you are dealt magical damage, that damage is increased by 1.  If “Weakened Soul” is stacked 3 times, the additional damage is increased from 1 to 2.  If “Weakened Soul” is stacked 5 times, the additional damage is increased from 1 to 3.  If an enemy switches out or is forced to switch out, they take 2 damage for each stack of “Weakened Soul”.

Basic Attack
With a flick of her wrist, Dea destroys pieces of her opponents’ souls.  With some difficulty, Dea can swing her shackles at her enemy, pushing them back while the chains bind them to the ground.
(Light Attack)
Cost: 1 Action
Range: Within 5
Effect: 2 magical damage.
(Heavy Attack)
CD: 7
Cost: 1 Action, 1 Movement
Range: Melee
Effect: 5 physical damage.  The enemy is pushed 1 space away and is grounded.  Then, the enemy cannot gain Movement next turn.

Summon Siphon Spirit
Dea summons small flickering spirits that slowly siphon the enemy’s soul while nourishing the strength of her own.
CD: 6
Cost: 1 Action
Range: 1 space directly above
Effect: Summons a siphon spirit directly above Dea.

“Siphon Spirit”
Health: 3
Location: Middle ground
Behavior: Hovering 1 space off of the ground, siphon spirits will check if they are carrying a charge or not.  If they aren’t, they will move 1 space towards an enemy, dealing 1 magical damage and gaining 1 charge for each point of damage dealt if ending that movement adjacent to an enemy.  If they are, they will move 2 spaces towards Dea, healing for 1 for each charge and losing all charges if ending that movement adjacent to Dea.  When a siphon spirit dies or Dea switches out, on the ground beneath it, place a 1 space tombstone unless there is already a tombstone there.  Then, reduce the CD of Summon Siphon Spirit by 3 turns.

Location: Foreground
Trigger: An enemy starts their turn adjacent to a tombstone.
Effect: 1 magical damage.

Purging the soul from the grave, Dea tears open the earth beneath a tombstone in a ghastly burst of the afterlife.
CD: 2
Cost: 1 Action, 2 Movement
Range: Infinite
Effect: Choose a tombstone.  That tombstone erupts into a vertical column in the background, dealing 18 magical damage and destroying all other objects and terrain.  The vertical column lasts 1 turn, preventing enemies standing it it from gaining Movement and causing enemies within 2 spaces that move away from it an additional Movement.

Soul’s Defiance
Dea instills rebellion in the enemy’s soul, causing them to struggle internally.
(Active – Ultimate)
Cost: 1 Action
Range: Infinite
Effect: The enemy gains the effect “Soul Rebellion” for 5 turns.

“Soul Rebellion”
(Effect – Debuff)
This effect cannot be removed.  You cannot switch out or force to be switched out.  You gain 1 less Movement on your turn.  At the start of your turn, you take 1 magical damage.  Whenever you would deal damage, you instead deal half that much damage, rounded down.  If you die with this effect on you, Dea gains the use of Lesser Soul’s Defiance.

Lesser Soul’s Defiance
Cost: 1 Action, an enemy has previously died while under the effect of “Soul Rebellion”
Range: Infinite
Effect: The enemy gains the effect “Soul Rebellion” for 2 turns.


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