Everything Island and upcoming art

Two announcements to make!

First, once I manage to get my scanner working again I have a small stockpile of images to scan in.  Apparently it’s something of either a drive issue or somehow related to my current OS, but I can’t imagine it won’t be something I won’t have solved in the coming week.

Second, and most importantly, I’m launching my upcoming project, Everything Islands in the coming week!  Though I doubt that there are many of you who read my blog and haven’t heard of my previous project, Everything Island, it’s a fun multiplayer online text based game with no real objectives and infinite possibilities.  It’s hard to keep that project and what I’m working on separate, as they pretty much go hand-in-hand, so expect to see some Everything Islands updates and information on this site as well in the coming couple of months.  Also, go check it out at http://everythingislands.wordpress.com/ and if you’re interested, don’t be afraid to leave a comment and sign-up!