“Monster of the Word of the Day”, or motwotd for short, was a project idea I thought of in order to combine a couple of different interests.  It took my inability to effectively learn’s “Word of the Day” with my struggle to draw something each and every day and combined them into one project! I’ve always been an entirely visual learner, so the combination feels very comfortable and I’m definitely remembering words now!

“But Umbrella, what about all of the background info?  Why is that stuff there?”

Good question, fictional question voice!  The information is actually something that’s always been with my monster sketches, that I now get to convey in a digital format.  Pretty much whenever I sit down and think up a monster, I think of all of the detail you’re seeing here, and while in the past I’ve just explained this sort of information audibly to people who ask about drawings in my sketchbook, these days I type it up so that I can solidify some of the design’s nuances, so that I can practice writing in general, and most importantly so that I can share it.

“But Umbrella, why do some of these monsters hate fighting, or run away?  Monsters in video games are supposed to fight me!”

Another great question, fictional question voice! While most monsters in video games are overwhelmed with the desire to hurt you until they die because it is convenient to the player, I try and make my monster designs feel a lot more like they’re actually living in their environments.  Monsters often defend their territory, or have certain triggers that you can use to force them to fight you, but otherwise they’re peaceful.  A lot of the monster fights aren’t designed to be won with brute force, rewarding players who observe and learn how to defeat them while letting others walk past without a fight.  My goal is to try and make these monsters feel more like monsters and less like numbers, and to make them as memorable as possible.  Hope you enjoy – and maybe even learn something!