The Arena

“The Arena” is a turn-based strategy game that’s slowly evolved from a game I thought up to pass the time in class when I was 7.  It’s drawn inspiration from so many different games, passed through the hands of so many friends, and changed significantly so many times over the years, and the task of combining all of that into one current game is incredibly daunting, but it’s a project I’m constantly trying to tackle.

Today, The Arena can best be described as a 2D turn-based strategy game that plays heavily off of elements of RPGs, fighting games and platforming games.  Over the years it’s absorbed over a hundred characters, each with their own unique fighting style and backstory.  The running joke with The Arena is that I change the details of the game so often that if you told me in the morning you’d want to play in the afternoon, you’d have missed several different iterations of the game by then! The goal of this version of The Arena is to combine all of the positive aspects of the previous games and finally combine them into a single game that will become the version of The Arena for others to play.

Version 1.0 of The Arena’s rules