Enter “The Arena”!

As you probably haven’t noticed, I recently added pages for the two main personal projects I’m currently working on – I have more major projects in mind, but rather than listing them all I figured I’d only list a few to begin with, and focus my efforts on them rather than trying to work a little bit on numerous conceptual projects like I have in the past.  The motwotd page should be fairly expected, since you’ve been seeing pretty much exclusively monsters up until this point, but I know a good deal of you will be pretty excited about the second page I’ve added – The Arena.

Those of you who don’t know what The Arena is can check out the page for a brief overview, but I’m sure the rest of you are going, “Yeah, yeah, but Umbrella you’re always working on The Arena!” That’s true, but here’s my current list of things to work on in regards to The Arena.

  • A finalized rules set and a comprehensive rules guide
  • Character move sets, including actual numbers (gasp!)
  • Full character descriptions, including back story and a character sketch
  • Snippets of story

That’s a little bit more concrete information than you’re used to, but that’s not all! I’ve already been setting up a rules foundation and working out the details on how to make it possible to play test The Arena online over an online whiteboard program.  Over the next month, keep your eyes peeled for details!


One thought on “Enter “The Arena”!

  1. Being able to playtest The Arena Online?! Well now I’m more hyped for this than some other games atm :P.


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